Wow! What a great week!

Just to give a brief summary of my going-ons this week,

RPG stuffs

I’ve been neck deep in Excel data entry for the character sheet app meant for 5e L5R RPG. I’m about 80% done with the data. At least until the setting book is released, of course.

The character sheets look great in Excel, soon I’ll port it out into an application once our website is released.

Speaking of website!

I’m currently between WordPress and Weebly for our hosting site. Here’s the pitch for the website’s purpose:

“The website I’m working on would be an archive. Members who sign up for a free account can get access to post their content (RPG supplements, Homebrew content, adventures.) I hope to also give access to tools and templates to help make posts look as quality as possible. Then the community can download these resources, comment on them, and even rate them.

Other news!

There is talk that we will be taking over as host for FiveRingsDB and for the CCG Oracle site. This will be very important, since these websites provide the card search capabilities for our server. More on that as the news develops.

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