Winner to be announced this week for our August Givaway!

This month’s theme is for fans of the RPG, the winner of the giveaway will be able to choose from one of the following:

A collection of 12 artpieces, exclusive from Courts of Stone and  Winter’s Embrace. Depicting certain characters and scenes from the  adventure and from the book, they make for perfect visual effects for  the GM’s inspirations and for the Players’ imaginations. Comes with two  bookmarks to never lose your place in the adventure between games, or  for keeping tabs on important reference material.

Campaign notebook from SilverwingArmoury, we’re looking to obtain few  from them. We’re thinking between 3-5 notebooks for you to share with  your players (keeping one for your worldbuilding notes of course). Pages  are lined, graphed, and dotted in any combination, to be chosen at the  time the prize is claimed.

The three books of the “Tales of the Otori” series, said to have  inspired the works of DG Laderoute. These will be sure to inspire a few  story hooks, interesting NPCs, and cultural spice into your L5R  campaigns.

Winner is announced this week!

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