Welcome back from Worlds! There’s so much News!

Welcome back from Worlds! There’s so much News!
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Pax Unplugged Dec 6-8,
Las Vegas Open, Jan. 24th – 26th,
Shoju’s Duty,
Rokugan at War

Crab Pack,
Draft Expansion,
Interview with Marie Brennan

[6:00] Yeti takes over tournament judging
[8:35] Post free-roles meta
[16:40] Tides of War Kotei Series
[26:50] Shoju’s Duty | Pack 6
[31:40] Dragon Cards (pack 6)
[38:15] Lion Cards (pack 6)
[42:00] Crab and Unicorn (pack 6)
[50:15] Rokugan at War | Pack 1
[64:30] Shout Outs

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