Weekly Update (week of Jan 14 2019)


It’s time for our weekly uuuupdaaaate!!!  

Podcasting applications come to a close  
This week we’ve totaled 14 applicants for the podcast and applications are officially CLOSED

This weekend I will be picking out the cream of the crop for: Group Tryouts.  We’ll be temperature checking, measuring out everyone’s chemistry levels, and ensuring we’ll end up with a cast that truly clicks.   What are we looking for out of our candidates? Knowledge of the product, passion for the hobby, and a drive to make an impact on the community.   That’s a mouthful isn’t it?  On a more entertaining level, we’ll be looking for folks who are good at banter, but professional enough to organize their thoughts in a way that puts the important information up front.  

With editing costs anticipated to take up much of our support levels, barely supporting a monthly release of about an hours worth of content, it would be much cheaper for us to edit ourselves while we’re talking. This means we’ll be aiming for a more structured podcast: planning our material ahead of time (if at least only in bullet form), a loose script meant to keep us time conscious at least (but that’s surely been said before, huh?).  In the future, based on feedback during our interviews, we’ll release more laid back bonus episodes, live streams, and perhaps an actual play series. This depends on what sees support from the community of course. We want to this right and we don’t want to waste your time. 

A new Lion Magistrate will be named
Finally, this weekend.   

Updates coming to the 5e Character Generator
Now that the PDF has been released, expect the Emerald Empire material to be added to the generator very soon!   

January Giveaway
This month we’ll be having an LCG themed giveaway! More details on that in the #patreon-general chat.   

I tried to make this update short and sweet, thank you all for your support and I look forward to more posts about the upcoming podcast, website, and soon our very own Bot!

 Speaking of goals, we’re running out of short term goals. Do you have an idea for a goal? Bring it up in the general chat.  We’ll be upgrading our patron rewards as we come up to our podcasting announcement, stay tuned.

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