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It has been eons since our last update!

With CourtGames Pod now in a smooth flow of recording and editing (new LCG episode right around the corner btw, featuring a long-standing member of our community), I’ve since buried myself in a dark room for a couple of months learning the holy trinity of web development (HTML/CSS/JS).

Our website is nearing completion for its first iteration; Equipped with a working forum, a ton of pages, and embedded content to integrate the podcast and the discord server right into the page. The final work before release includes embedding RSS feeds from FFG, Reddit… and data entry… much data entry…

I will be releasing the website before all the fictions and source documents (i.e. working excel char sheet) are included though. I feel like the forums will be very useful for LFG and other fun thread ideas I have cooked up. I should have the ability for folks to create new pages for their own fictions and other content. I also have a lot of links on the site already that will create a one-stop for “All Things Rokugan”, just like our tagline says.

The data entry necessary to include all the fictions will be massive, and even so I also plan to enter data for a ton of RPG related things (think Indexes and definitions, etc.). Asking everyone to wait until everything is done would be really silly, we’re all excited to start engaging with this new resource and creating another home for our community.

As far as a date goes… I gotta pull an FFG on this one and say it will be released in Q3, 😁

What’s this about bot stuff? I’m glad you asked! In learning JavaScript, I’m also gaining the tools necessary to create discord bots 🤖. This means the bot goal is next! I will begin creating a bot that:

  • Tracks currency: “koku”, and awards them to folks who participate in our Winter Court Games.
  • Tracks “Status”, which is awarded to members who are active in channels where people ask the most questions.
  • Facilitates all of our minigames and matchmaking for players in WCG, including Fortunes and Winds where folks can gamble their Koku.
  • Grants members a profile card that they can customise using Koku and Status.
  • Includes an RPG Keyword search. Much like how LCG players can search cards and rules.
  • And more!

Any wishlists for what to include in the bot can be submitted by commenting below or submitting through our feedback link. (For instance, I know a certain someone who would love a CYOA RPG game to be in the bot. Good suggestion, 👍)

There’s so much more to say, but I will leave with just one more fun fact: did you know our giveaway prizes are directly influenced by how many samurai backers we have? We allocate roughly 45% of our monthly contributions, if not more on some months, strictly towards our giveaways. That means the more supporters we have, the bigger our giveaways will be.

If you know anyone who might enjoy the type of things we’ve awarded in our monthly giveaways, who might enjoy our podcast, and who is always looking for ways to help the L5R community grow, please consider sharing us with them. Our fairly new Twitter handle is @CourtGamesPod, and our podcast can be found on just about any podcatcher out there.

As always, thank you very much for your support and we’re excited for what’s coming next!

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