Updates for the week of 05/29/20

With the official release of our upcoming Actual Play on the horizon, we have a few things to report at this time.

CourtGames Website

It turns out, bringing the fictions and resources from KazenoShiro is going to take a lot of copy-pasting. The good news however is that we did find a program to scrub the posts of their HTML to make things a lot easier. It’ll still take a while though: we have around 2000 posts to import, so with even 10 posts a day it will take the better part of three-quarters of the year before we have everything imported. At this point however, we now have 30 new fictions so check them out! 

We have a new idea for the RPG forums 

The goal of CourtGames forums is to be objective-focused, to pose challenges to the community that will in-turn produce useful resources for others in the future. In this case, we’ve made a Shadowlands forum to eventually become the ultimate resource for any GM planning on running a Shadowlands campaign. This includes Locations, NPCs, CFS, and adventure primers. If you like horror in Rokugan and wish to contribute, give it a try! If not, be on the lookout because we hope to make forums like this for each of the source books. 

CourtGames AP

We now officially have both the Session 0s and the Session 1 “pilots” submitted for two teams that are competing head-to-head. We hope to release some early content for our patrons soon for our Samurai ($5+) supporters so we can start getting some feedback. In the meantime, we hope to make our decisions about what team to move forward with by this Sunday. Some potential teaser content coming soon for all fans. 

 For this next week:

  • We hope to submit a patron-only post for the upcoming AP
  • Decide on who will move onto the becoming the final AP team
  • Make more resource forums for Courts of Stone and Path of Waves
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