Update for the week

Uh oh, I’ve been totally neglecting to update the patreon with news! I’ve been regularly posting updates on the discord instead (woops!). Here’s some of the going-ons recently:

**Update for the week, folks!**

As we’re getting even closer to the holidays, we are getting closer to lining up our plans for the new year. Very exciting!


So far I’ve interviewed over half of our applicants for LCG/RPG host for our new podcast coming up. Everyone who applied is a member of our community, they are passionate about L5R, knowledgeable, and are looking to make an impact. Everyone I’ve interviewed so far has had overwhelmingly positive (read: impressive) qualities, this could be a fairly close choice to make.

So far we’ve had 3 LCG hosts apply and 3 RPG hosts apply, with a couple applying for our anticipated dramatic readings segments.

There’s still time to apply if you or someone you know would be interested!

**Details about the podcast**

From what the applicants and I have discussed, we’ll be looking at a bite sized podcast released a couple of times throughout the month.

We’re thinking of giving the LCG and RPG hosts a 30 minute segment each. The episode being structured and planned before release, maximizing the important content, and minimizing digressions.

Even though an episode is 30 minutes long, the real recording time will be much longer. This is the magic of editing.

We do hope to have dramatic readings included at some point and we’re going to be asking the community for feedback on the things we should include going forward.

Pricing is a thing so far, with a professional editor averaging about $1.50/minute (close to $50/episode), and with hosting costs being around $5/month for the basic subscription.

Hopefully more supporters will sign up after the holidays, we’re definitely going to have to meet the current goal before officially starting the podcast.

**Website is on its way in time**

Some have seen the website design idea I posted earlier in the week, I’ve been really excited to finally start working on the site that the community unlocked this past month!

There are many hosting sites to choose from and I’m still in the process of settling. In the time it will take for me to plan the site’s layout and working parts we will hopefully have enough saved from our monthly patreon supporters to pay for the hosting (so far from what I’ve seen, it’s all up front @ about $100 for a year’s worth of hosting). Very exciting!

**Did I mention I’ve been interviewing?**

In addition to podcast interviews I’ve also been interviewing for our newest Phoenix Magistrates, and WHEW is this going to be a hard choice to make.

Most of our applicants for Magistrate are very impressive with lots of mod experience, passion and knowledge about L5R as a product and Phoenix lore, and have shown interest in community engagement. These are all very admirable qualities and I look forward to unveiling who will be stepping into the position within the next couple of weeks.

**RPG Giveaway prizes for the month**

I’ve been giving some thought to this as well and there are a few potential prizes I’ve been contemplating.

What do y’all think about these options:

A) One of the L5R books/adventures/GM’s screens for the winner via DriveThruRPG.

B) Custom dice from yours truly (see the picture below), from this list:


C) Dojo Creative Design’s reference cards for players, you could get a single set and impress your GM.

(Comes with Stance cards, Condition cards, and Wound cards.)

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