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    Things to consider: Content warnings, how to handle the Taint, player Agency being taken away, death.

    There’s plenty more to consider too, tell us about your experiences.

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      Kitsuki Daisuke
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      Some Session 0 considerations:

      Attitudes to Body Horror.

      Various phobias – which ones would be fun for the players to interact with, which ones are definitely off the table.

      Stuff around pregnancy and childbirth.  Children in general.  You can get pretty grim pretty fast with those elements and the Shadowlands.

      Hopefulness vs. hopelessness.  You can run the Shadowlands as a place that you can’t even step into without being in some way harmed or corrupted, or it could be a place where victories are possible.  Even if you want the Shadowlands to be a place where ultimate victory (for PC-level people anyway), you could come up with specific missions where the players can get a clean victory, if they’re good enough.

      What *sort* of horror is going to work at your table.


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