Shadowlands Minions and Adversaries

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    What are NPC ideas for secondary minions and adversaries, even non threatening NPCs?

    Is there a mad Kuni who is on the hunt for a particular Oni? A goblin who is very interested in the way of Samurai? A Nezumi who has come across a strange artifact?

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      Honor: 22
      Glory: 37

      Shadowlands monster:

      The Ground Fisher (Martial 8, Intrigue 2)

      Air 5, Earth 4, Fire 2, Water 4, Void 1

      Artisan 0, Martial 3, Social 1, Scholar 0, Trade 1

      Advantages Versatile Mimic

      Disadvantages: Vestigial Eyes

      Weapon Spiny Teeth (Damage 6, Deadliness 10, Range 0-1, Qualities Snaring)

      Armor Leathery Hide (Phys 3, Sup 1)

      Endurance 20, Composure 10, Focus 3, Vigilance 2

      Demeanor: Calculating (Air +2, Fire -2, Panicked Retreat)

      The ground fisher is a creature of Silhouette 3 or 4. ​

      Squat and toadlike, ground fisher uses its wide crescent-shaped mouth full of long, spiny teeth angled inwards for grabbing its prey. ​ With milky, vestigial eyes, the ground fisher is almost blind. ​ It relies on sensing vibrations from the ground and a keen sense of smell to locate its prey. ​ A long esca extends from the top of its head, which the ground fisher uses for luring its prey within striking distance. ​ The ground fisher scrapes away some earth and buries itself into the ground, then inflates its esca to mimic a creature of silhouette 1-2 to lure its prey closer. ​ With such poor eyesight, scholars have wondered how the ground fisher is able to create such skilled imitations with its esca – there are theories that the ground fisher remembers the forms of its former meals and is able to mimic a creature once it has caught and eaten one.

      Skilled Mimic: Whether imitating an injured deer to bring a hungry hunter closer, or a lost child, or a beautiful woman, a character within range 2 or less of the ground fisher can make a TN 4 Sentiment or Survival check (Void 2, Fire 6) to see through the mimicry or notice the freshly turned earth beneath the esca. ​ If the character speaks to the imitation, the ground fisher responds with a fearful cry, such as the squeal of an injured animal or even “Help!” etc when imitating a human – however the ground fisher isn’t capable of understanding speech, just of making sounds it has observed its prey making in the past.

      Ambush from Below: As an Attack and Movement action while burrowed, a ground fisher may burst from the ground at a chosen point at range 0-2. ​ A character at range 1 of that point must resist with a TN 4 Fitness (Air 2, Water 6) check or suffer 6 physical damage and the Prone condition.

      Bioluminescent Flash: As a Scheme and Support action, the ground fisher can emit a bright flash from its esca to dazzle its prey or blind its predators to allow it to escape. ​ Characters at range 0-2 of the ground fisher must make a TN 3 Fitness or Tactics roll (Water 1, Earth 4) or gain the Dazed condition and strife equal to their shortfall.

      Vicious Maw: When making an Attack action check with its spiny teeth, the Ground Fisher can spend Opps in the following way:

      Opp : If it succeeds, the target suffers the Bleeding Condition

      Severing the Esca: A character engaged with the ground fisher can use Opp Opp with a cutting weapon to sever the ground fisher’s esca. ​ The ground fisher can regenerate its esca given 4 to 6 weeks, but for the rest of the fight will be unable to use Skilled Mimic or Bioluminescent Flash abilities.​

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      Honor: 34
      Glory: 43

      Hida Yoshino – Commander of the 8th Tower

      Few outsiders are surprised to learn that Hida Yoshino is a high-ranking Crab officer, with her blunt manner of speaking, gimlet eyes, muscular build and pronounced facial scar. Yoshino has always been relatively dour and humorless about her duty, a competent but unexceptional officer proud to serve her clan. She was considered one of the best taisa along the Wall until she experienced some childbirth complications two winters ago. The baby was born healthy but Yoshino bled heavily and recovery was slow. Her rehabilitation coincided with the retirement of the previous commander of the Eighth Tower, so her lord pushed for her promotion as a chance to fix some of the lax discipline at the tower in addition to giving Yoshino time to physically heal. Yoshino is back in fighting form, but she still has plenty of work to do both in getting her command back into fighting shape and ensuring that none of the kanidoshi samurai get themselves horribly maimed or Tainted. In professional settings she is gruff, critical and deadly serious, while in private she is introspective, very well-read, and a talented Go player. She is never caught without a notebook which she uses both to record observations on the day and reflections on how to be a better leader – her private quarters have an entire bookshelf now full of such journals.

      Hida Yoshino, Commander of the Eighth Tower (Martial 8, Intrigue 4)

      Giri: Defend the Eighth Tower against the Shadowlands and ensure that as many kanidoshi samurai as possible finish their crab year unharmed.

      Ninjo: Write a book on leadership and strategy that becomes her legacy

      Air 2, Earth 5, Fire 4, Water 4, Void 3

      Artisan 1, Martial 4, Social 2, Scholar 3, Trade 3

      Advantages: Inexhaustible Patience (Earth, Social, Interpersonal), Tactical Flexibility (Water, Martial, Mental)

      Disadvantages: Bound by Duty (Fire, Social, Mental)

      Weapon: Ancient Family Tetsubo (Range 1-2, Damage 8, Deadliness 4, Durable, Cumbersome, Wargear)

      Armor: Lacquered Armor (Physical 4, Ceremonial, Cumbersome, Wargear)

      Gear: Wakizashi, tessen, personal journal

      Endurance 18, Composure 18, Focus 6, Vigilance 3

      Demeanor: Vigilant (Air +1, Fire -1, Unmasking: Flustered, Ineffective Commands)

      Honor: 62 Glory: 54 Status: 56

      The Patient Fist: As a Hida, Yoshino ignores the Cumbersome quality of her weapons and armor. When making a Martial skill (Earth) check, Yoshino may spend 2 Opportunity so that all allies within Range 0-3 of her remove 2 Strife.

      Reasonable Authority Figure: When targeting Yoshino with a Social check to inform her of a threat to the tower or her soldiers that can be demonstratively proven, characters may add 1 Opportunity per school rank to their kept dice.

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      Honor: 34
      Glory: 43

      Kaiu Jurobei – Karo of the 8th Tower

      For all of the myths they tell of themselves, not all Crab are stoic heroes seeking to throw themselves into the fray against the hordes of Fu Leng. Some are quite happy to toil away at tasks of middling importance living lives of relative comfort. Kaiu Jurobei is one such Crab. A toothy, jowled man with a pot belly and slick black beard, Jurobei was delighted when he was first assigned to the Eighth Tower and has been content to work his way up the ranks in obscurity. He was mildly irritated when Hida Yoshino was promoted over him in spite of his seniority, but is content to bide his time until she is removed or meets an untimely end to make his next move. In the meantime his priority is making sure that the other kōma and kanidoshi samurai around him don’t do anything that would put the tower into actual danger. He has a terrible habit of chewing with his mouth open and moves aggressively to stop anyone in the tower from reporting directly to Yoshino until he has had a chance to speak with them.

      Kaiu Jurobei, Karo of the Eighth Tower (Martial 4, Intrigue 3)

      Giri: Ensure that the Eighth Tower runs smoothly and that the other officers are performing their duties

      Ninjo: Get promoted to Commander, but without working too hard for it

      Air 2, Earth 3, Fire 3, Water 3, Void 2

      Artisan 1, Martial 3, Social 3, Scholar 1, Trade 2

      Advantages: Seen It All (Earth, Social, Interpersonal)

      Disadvantages: Unreasonably Skeptical (Air, Social, Mental)

      Weapon: Trusty Naginata (Range 2, Damage 6, Deadliness 6, Cumbersome, Razor-Edged, Wargear)

      Armor: Lacquered Armor (Physical 4, Ceremonial, Cumbersome, Wargear)

      Gear: Wakizashi, water jug usually filled with sake, pouch of dried fruit and nuts

      Endurance 18, Composure 18, Focus 6, Vigilance 3

      Demeanor: Skeptical (Earth +2, Fire -2, Unmasking: Catatonic, Wide-Eyed Stare)

      Honor: 30 Glory: 48 Status: 42

      Light on His Feet: Jurobei may spend 1+ Opportunity to move 1 range band away from any Shadowlands creature.

      Whatever, Kid…: When a non-Crab character targets Jurobei with a Social check to warn him of danger, increase the TN by 1. During an Intrigue, Persuade actions to convince Jurobei of danger do not generate extra momentum from bonus successes.

      Chain of Command: Any character attempting to speak with Hida Yoshino without first speaking to Jurobei must stake 5 honor and 5 glory. If Jurobei is able to convince Yoshino that the matter is not an emergency, the character forfeits that honor and glory.

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      Honor: 34
      Glory: 43

      Hiruma Kyoji – First Gunso of Messengers

      One of the two senior Hiruma gunso, Kyoji tries to spend as little time in the vicinity of the Eighth Tower as possible. While his role as leader of the messenger corps gives him broad latitude in his place of duty, Kyoji always manages to find a way to spend considerable time at the Seventh Tower, ostensibly on official business for Hida Yoshino but really using it as an excuse to visit his boyfriend. The two of them are both married and know that only on the Wall would their commanders so readily turn a blind eye to such behavior, so Kyoji is sure not to give Yoshino any excuse to reassign him. When he is roused to a task he throws himself at it admirably, but often just to get it done with as quickly as possible so that he might be in his lover’s arms all the sooner. His lover recently convinced him that it would be amusing to read some of the scrolls that he carries, particularly those from the kanidoshi samurai. Kyoji has played along thus far, but hasn’t gathered the courage to unseal any of the scrolls belonging to his superiors.

      Hiruma Kyoji, First Gunso of Scouts (Martial 2, Intrigue 2)

      Giri: Act as the voice of the Eighth Tower, providing it with news from across the Wall and sending messages to other important stations.

      Ninjo: Spend as much time as possible with his lover before one or the other of them is pulled away

      Air 3, Earth 4, Fire 2, Water 3, Void 2

      Artisan 1, Martial 2, Social 1, Scholar 2, Trade 3

      Advantages: Fleet-Footed (Water, Martial, Physical)

      Disadvantages:Blinded by Love (Air, Social, Mental)

      Weapon: Yari (Range 2, Damage 5, Deadliness 3, Wargear)

      Armor: Ashigaru Armor (Physical 3, Wargear)

      Gear: Daisho, yumi and quiver, finger of jade, case of official scrolls

      Endurance 12, Composure 14, Focus 6, Vigilance 3

      Demeanor: Flippant (Fire +2, Air -2, Unmasking: Cowed Shame)

      Honor: 38 Glory: 34 Status: 34

      Return to Sender: As a Scheme action, Kyoji may make a Trade (Air) check TN 3 to remove the seal on a scroll without breaking it. A character examining a scroll previously opened by Kyoji must make a Composition check TN 3 (Fire 4, Earth 2) to notice that it has been tampered with. Kyoji may increase the TN of this check by 1 for each Opportunity that he spends on his initial roll.

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      Honor: 34
      Glory: 43

      Hida Masaharu – Garrison Taisa

      There are many reasons why a samurai is chosen for command: reputation, ability, family status, potential. Hida Masaharu falls in the unfortunate category of those who think they were chosen for ability, but really was chosen as part of a deal between two rival factions within the Hida family. A huge mountain of muscle and fat, Masaharu is accustomed to getting his way and being praised for his strength, and he is genuinely puzzled when Hida Yoshino doesn’t defer to his expertise on matters. He lacks an aptitude for tactics, preferring to focus on individual combat prowess and strength. Bored out of his mind, Masaharu has taken to running an underground sumai club to keep himself busy, often rigging matches so that he can show off his skills.

      Hida Masaharu, Garrison Taisa (Martial 3, Intrigue 3)

      Giri: Keep the soldiers of the tower battle-ready at all times. When tasked, lead them into battle beyond the Wall.

      Ninjo: Be recognized as the best wrestler in the entire clan

      Air 2, Earth 3, Fire 4, Water 2, Void 2

      Artisan 0, Martial 3, Social 1, Scholar 1, Trade 2

      Advantages: Large Stature (Earth, Martial, Physical)

      Disadvantages: Arrogant (Air, Social, Interpersonal)

      Weapon: Tetsubo (Range 1-2, Damage 7, Deadliness 3, Cumbersome, Durable, Wargear), Meaty Fist (Range 0, Damage 2, Deadliness 2, Snaring)

      Armor: Plated Armor (Physical 5, Cumbersome, Durable, Wargear)

      Gear: Wakizashi, bids for illegal sumai gambling

      Endurance 14, Composure 10, Focus 6, Vigilance 2

      Demeanor: Vain (Earth +2, Air -2, Unmasking: Uncontrollable Profanity)

      Honor: 39 Glory: 56 Status: 40

      Sumai Toss: As a Hida, Masaharu ignores the Cumbersome quality of his weapons and armor. If he performs an Attack action using his Meaty Fist on a target at Range 0 with the Immobilized condition, the target must make a Fitness check equal to Masaharu’s Focus minus the target’s Vigilance (to a minimum of TN 1) or be thrown 2 range bands from Masaharu. Targets thrown this way suffer damage as if they had fallen 2 range bands (see CRB 269).

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      Honor: 34
      Glory: 43

      Yasuki Aomi – Chief Logistician

      Being the logistician for a watchtower is considered a great honor by the Yasuki, something they associate with being on the front lines of their clan’s sacred mission and an opportunity for promising young samurai to show the worth of their skills to high-ranking commanders. Yasuki Aomi considered herself doubly-blessed when she was assigned to the Eighth Tower, a place of relative safety where she could also flirt with samurai from other clans. A year ago Aomi would secretly trade away what she considered “excess” jade to other towers in exchange for luxury items, falsifying the records to account for the loss, but the recent shortage of jade across the entire Wall keeps her awake at night. She knows that if Yoshino or any other competent officer looked too deeply into the management of the tower’s jade stockpile that they would catch her perfidy, so she has been scheming nonstop to make up the shortfall. She has even been tempted to pass off malachite as jade, but is too fearful of being caught to actually try it yet.

      Yasuki Aomi, Chief Logistician (Martial 1, Intrigue 5)

      Giri: Keep the tower well-stocked with provisions and equipment, especially jade.

      Ninjo: Cover up the missing jade by any means necessary.

      Air 3, Earth 2, Fire 2, Water 3, Void 2

      Artisan 0, Martial 0, Social 3, Scholar 2, Trade 3

      Advantages: Well-Connected (Water, Social, Interpersonal)

      Disadvantages: Dark Secret (Void, Social, Interpersonal)

      Weapon: Wakizashi (Range 0-1, Damage 3, Deadliness 5/7, Ceremonial, Razor-Edged)

      Armor: Traveling Clothes (Physical 2, Durable, Mundane, Subtle)

      Gear: Logistical records, slate and chalk, silk hair ribbon

      Endurance 8, Composure 12, Focus 3, Vigilance 3

      Demeanor: Vain (Earth +2, Air -2, Unmasking: Uncontrollable Profanity)

      Honor: 20 Glory: 38 Status: 37

      Creative Accounting: As a Scheme action, Aomi may target an item in the scene that she does not own using a Trade (Air) check with TN equal to the item’s rarity. If she succeeds, the item’s owner must give the item to Aomi or forfeit glory equal to its rarity to keep it.

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