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    One lady in red Scorpion Clan kimono is pointing and laughing at a lady wearing green Dragon Clan kimono. The Dragon Clan lady looks appauled.

    Welcome, courtiers of Rokugan. Sadane is a test of quick thinking and analytical depth, in which the contestants take turns expressing criticisms of a mutually agreed upon object.

    Here’s the game:

    Anyone can post an object:

    • It can be a piece of artwork from the RPG/LCG,
    • A topic (ex. The Lion Clan’s Adherence to Bushido”, “What clan is most fashionable in Rokugan?”,
    • Or a published written work from Rokugani history.

    Each object is like a running round of Sadane.

    Then, players will reply to that post to critique the object.
    If the other players thought the reply was particularly witty or insightful, they should “like” it.
    If the other players determine the reply was an offense to any particular individual or clan, they should dislike it.

    The original poster for the object will then reply with a “Sadane!” to end the round, whenever they feel like enough has been said about the object.

    What ever post gets the most likes (minus the dislikes) for each object will win that “round” of Sadane.

    If the poster should choose, they can call the round a “clan war” and total up all the likes and dislikes between posters from the same clan.

    If the poster should choose, they can call the round “Sakehouse Sadane”. In this mode, getting thumbs downs does not detract from one’s score, but if they have more thumbs downs than thumbs ups on a single post they are effectively kicked out of the sakehouse, any further posts do not count towards being a winning post.

    Good luck! :bowed:

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