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    Share NPCs that you’ve used in your L5R campaigns!

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      Susumu Chusei (CBass)
      Honor: 118
      Glory: 36

      This is an Adversary I’m translating from 4e for an Adventure I’m writing, I wonder who will recognize his name.

      “Seijuro-sensei is a large man who hides his face behind a snarling mempo. He was nicknamed “The Golden Crane” for his skills as a duelist, as he was once exchanged to train with the Kakita Academy as a peace offering.

      Matsu Seijuko (Adversary, M6 / P3)

      Rings: E3 A2 W3 F4 V2
      Personal: End 14 / Foc 6 / Com 12 / Vig 3
      Societal: Hon: 55 / Glo: 50 / Sta: 39
      Demeanor: Self Assured ( W +2 , F -2)

      Skill Groups: Art 1/Mar 5/ Sch 2/ Soc 3


      • ⁠Fearsome Presence:Fire, Social;Interpersonal
      • ⁠Quick Reflexes:Fire, Physical; Interpersonal


      • ⁠Hot Tempered: Water, Social;Mental
      • ⁠Whispers of Cruelty: Earth, Interpersonal;Infamy


      • ⁠Katana of the Golden Crane(Range 1, Damage 4, Deadliness 7, Ceremonial, Razor-Edged, Resplendent)
      • ⁠Ceremonial Armor(Physical 2, Ceremonial, Wargear)


      • ⁠Way of the Crane (pg. 65 Core)
      • ⁠Thunderclap Strike (pg. 180 Core)
      • ⁠A Samurai’s Fate (pg. 222 Core)
      • ⁠Iaijutsu Cut: Rising Blade (pg. 179 Core)

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      Susumu Chusei (CBass)
      Honor: 118
      Glory: 36

      So! I’ve got some maths for y’all. These are my interpretations while creating the NPC maker tool.

      Choose a base profile, add whatever templates, any increases to CR and IR are applied no matter how much of the template you actually utilize.

      For any adjustments after that:

      For every rank you increase or decrease in the Earth or Fire rings: +/- .5 to combat rank

      For raising or lowering Air or Water: +/- .5 to intrigue rank.

      For each rank in endurance and focus: +/- .25 to CR

      For each rank in composure and vigilance: +/- .25 to IR

      Each rank in Martial and Trade: +/- .5 CR

      Each rank in Artisan, Scholar, and Social: +/- .5 IR

      Every full rank in Honor: +/- .5 CR

      Every full rank in Status: +/- .5 IR

      Add +1 CR and +1 IR for every two additional Mahō spells added to the profile through templates or otherwise.

      Then if you have any ranks at .5, round up. Hope this helps us create more NPCs!

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