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    Post here if you’re a GM looking for players or if you’re a player looking for a GM.

    Hello everyone! For those who are new to the LFG channel, welcome!

    We have a few features and recommendations for those who are interested in finding a group to play with.

    We allow for all users to pin their posts, all pins expire after 30 days but please do your best to clean up your own pins when your request is satisfied.

    If you are interested in hosting your game in front of an audience, or if you are a streamer, message a Magistrate on Discord to gain access to the Kabuki Audience channel or to have us post every time you stream on twitch or youtube.


    [Player LFG]
    X players looking for (term), (frequency), (preferred days), (timezone), (voice/pbp), (prefered edition)


    1 Player looking for Longterm Weeknight Game Tue Wed or Thurs CST US Time Zone prefer 5E

    Bio: talk about yourself, your experience, your preferred character/roleplaying style, stuff you would share at a session 0.

    [Game Listing]

    Time Zone:
    Day of week and time:
    If new game, planned start date:
    Planned Duration & Frequency:
    Long/short Term:

    Text or Voice:
    Voice software used:
    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed?

    Roleplay & Combat mix:
    Number of Players in game & needed:
    Character starting XP:
    Character restrictions:

    Details of your scenario:

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