Let’s talk “Social Dueling” Rules

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    Good day everyone! After listening to the latest CourtGames RPG episode with Katrina and Max, specifically the part about a “Poetry Battle” with “sick burns” lol, I wanted to see we could work together to lay out the best rules we could for multiple types of “Social Dueling”. This means we specifically want this to be an encounter between two characters, (not to say outside influences can’t be taken into account), and based on the dueling rules for Iaijutsu.

    A couple of examples come to mind: A policy debate, a game of sadane, plaintiff and defendant in court (or… the equivalent, you know).

    Expect some rules fiddling from folks if you post in here, but it’s all to serve the community, to create the closest thing to official rules for “Social Dueling” as possible. Have fun!

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