Custom Cultures and Schools [5e]

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    Let’s work together to create some custom cultures, regions, and schools!

    Want to include a culture based on real life?
    Want to include a culture based on your favorite movie, show, or book?
    Want to include a culture based on old L5R or on something only mentioned in current L5R?

    Creating the culture:

    What ring increases, and what skill increases?

    How do these apply to the culture:

    • What are their values?
    • What are their environments like?
    • How do the people look?
    • How important is religion?
    • How is their society organized?
    • Any similarities to Rokugan?

    Building a school:

    Choose the role(s)

    • Artisan
    • Bushi
    • Courtier
    • Monk
    • Sage
    • Shinobi
    • Shugenja

    What is your school affiliated with: Summarize the purpose and draw of your school.

    Create a School Ability: must scale with school rank.

    Choose Ring Bonuses: based foremost on role, then based on what they’re known for.

    Choose Skills: a number of starting skills from related skill groups
    (pick X skills out of Y total skill choices: “x/y”)

    • Artisan – 5/7
    • Bushi – 5/7
    • Courtier – 5/7
    • Monk – 4/6
    • Sage – 3/6
    • Shinobi – 5/7
    • Shugenja – 3/6

    Choose what techniques the school has access to: in addition to Rituals.
    (If a heretical sect, forgo Rituals for Maho or Ninjutsu)

    Choose X number of starting techniques per role:

    • Artisan – 3
    • Bushi – 2
    • Courtier – 2
    • Monk – 3
    • Sage – 4-5
    • Shinobi – 2
    • Shugenja – 4-5 (including the Commune With Spirits Ritual)

    Build a curriculum, using another school as a bases for format.
    Allowing access to techniques outside of the school’s access, or giving access to techniques that are one rank above their own, is acceptable.

    Determine a Rank 6 Ability: Make it cool; broad enough to solve a particular problem reliably, but narrow enough to where it cannot solve all the character’s problems. Might include some kind of cost or set up to use.

    Determine Starting Outfit: Clothing and Armor, Weapons, and Other Gear.

    Let’s have fun with this!

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