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    Happy April, hopefully everyone is hanging in there. I wanted to start a competition to keep the community engaged with L5R and to help others both learn how to use the new creation systems in Path of Waves and to find cool ideas from others in the community.

    This month, the theme is Custom Culture, and I’d like to invite everyone to submit a culture and school based on your favorite fandom, be it a TV series, a movie, books, anime, whatever. If you don’t really consume a lot of media outside of L5R, then maybe consider recreating a faction from the old lore.

    This competition will run through the end of April, good luck!
    Refer to THIS POST for an outline of culture and school creation


    • Your culture must be based on a fictional setting
    • Must include one custom school to make the culture playable
    • This school does not have to be balanced

    Teamwork and collaboration is encouraged, making a culture and a school can be a lot of work depending on how deep you want to consider things. We’re all here to support eachother and we recommend using Discord’s homebrew channel for help. You can also rely on the forum’s Custom Cultures topic for help as well for especially deep culture creations.

    In this competition, the creation with the most likes wins!

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      Kakita Ren
      Honor: 34
      Glory: 42

      The setting is modern day japan. The theme is Yu Yu Hakusho. A shonen anime based on Yusuke Urimeshi, a character who in the first 5 minutes of the series dies. He is granted a second chance at life after proving his worth and becomes a spirit detective. Someone who fights against demons from the demon realm that cross over to kill, kidnap, eat, etc.

      In many cases you could consider this a a kuni witch hunter mixed with kitsuki investigator. Then add in energy/spirit/ki blasts


      Classes and cultures would fall under the following

      Race Examples:

      1. Human – Water
      2. Spirit Realm – Earth
      3. Demon Realm – Air


      Background Examples:

      1. School Kid – Earth, Water
      2. Demon Thief – Air, Fire
      3. Spirit Realm Guard – Void, Earth
      4. Spirit Realm Ogre – Earth, Fire


      While the attached is the first school for the most standard character build based on the main character others would fall under the following examples for schools

      1. Energy Weapon Manipulator
      2. Elemental Manipulator
      3. Ogre Office Worker
      4. Spirit Defense Force


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      Shinjo Turk
      Honor: 20
      Glory: 37

      The Badger Clan [+1 Fire, +1 Tactics]

      Like the rest of the Sons of Ikoma, Chosoki were allowed to choose a Mon and land within Rokugan to oversee by Emperor Akodo at the Dawn of the Empire. Chosoki settled in the western portions of the Golden Plains, near the Drowned Merchant River. Chosoki took a wife, Ikeda, a skilled artist that studied under Lady Doji herself. There, the both of them took the Mon of a Badger, after watching a Badger fight off a small pride of Lions. “Even the small can defeat the large” said Lady Ikeda.

      Of the many Clans of Rokugan, The Badger Clan has been a story of seasons. The Height of their glory was in the 4th Century when they several key victories against the Stag Clan during The War of Broken Antlers that saw the toppling of the Stag Shogunate, and they enjoyed important key positions within the Empire when their close allies, The Lion Clan, assumed the Mantle of Shogun. Their power waned in the 6th Century when The Water Fever plague decimated their lands, and their allies lost control of the title of Shogun. The Badger were a key ally for the Lion Clan to regain the title of Shogun in the 7th Century, serving as part of the Vanguard in the War against the Hawk Clan Shogunate. This moment did not last, as the Badger Clan faced near extinction when The Red Horde descended upon Rokugan in the 9th Century.

      As many other Clans, The Red Horde utterly ravaged Badger Clan Lands. Their home, Kyuden Chosoki, was besieged and assaulted, and though the Badger Clan put up a valiant effort, the entire Castle was put to the sword. The few Badger Clan Samurai that remained, counted on one hand, were now Ronin. After the defeat of the Red Horde, these Ronin, led by Chosoki Hitoshi retook their ruined castle and restablished the Badger Clan. Soon After, the Ronin Band trapped a small group of the warriors from the Red Horde on their retreat from eastern rokugan. The Ujik Warriors were prepared to fight to the death, Chosoki Hitoshi saw that despite the tales of passing bards, these Gaijin Warriors understood Honor. He offered them to join their clan as a family. The Leader of the Band, the Warrior known as Soro, swore a blood oath to Chosoki.

      In the centuries that followed, the Badger Clan slowly re-established their lands, and served as a buffer of protection between the Green Horde to the West, and the remainder of Rokugan to the East.


      With their position in the Western Plains of Central Rokugan, the Badger Clan mostly exports Crops, their fertile lands being a constant gem to possible invaders. The Bushi of the Badger Clan excel at Archery and Skirmishes, many times invading forces have found themselves peppered by arrows from soldiers who had been hiding in the lush tall grasses. Though the Chosoki Family is officially the Daimyo’s of the Clan, the Ikeda Family runs most of it’s diplomatic and administrative duties.

      The Ikeda Family specializes in Garden Landscaping, which attract visitors from all around the Empire, and allow an isolated spot  for Diplomacy to take place. The Soro Family, one of the strangest families of the Clans of Rokugan, are still heavily influenced by their Ujik Origins. Despite the best, polite, efforts of the Ikeda to assimilate them, the Soro fiercly cling to their cultural roots. They look differently, act differently, and have a distinct accent. efforts to assimilate them continue to be hampered, especially by the families practice of riding across into the territory of the Green Horde, and bringing back Brides and Grooms, ensuring that the Ujik Language and Customs still survive.

      Like all other Clans, Bushido is held in extremely high regard. With the Clans History, the Badger have a deep regard for Compassion, for without it, their Clan would not exist. Though nobody would ever deny the bravery of Badger Clan Bushi, their schools teach that many times, one must allow others little victories, and that it may be preferable to pull back to a better position, weather in battle or in court. Courage is not taken as heartful as in other Clans.

      The Samurai of the Badger Clan reverse the Fortunes, however their main worship goes to the Ancestors, and a goal of many Samurai is to uncover clues to ancient ancestors that were lost during the centuries of conflicts so that they may be properly reversed. The exception is the Soro Clan, who do not place much emphasis on Ancestor Worship, and prefer to reverse Fortunism, and have even taken an interest in Shinseism, much to the annoyance of the rest of the Badger Clan. Though officially banned, many of the Soro Family secretly hold Shrines and carry out Worships to the Gaijin Gods known as The Lords of Death.


      The Badger Clan are a regional power, and have relations with clans in the general region. Their Greatest and most Consistent Ally has been the Lion Clan to the East. The Badger and Lion constantly send their Samurai to eachothers Schools, and many marriages have occured. Conflicts between the Badger and Lion have always been limited to small disputes, usually resolved quickly. To the South, the Badger and Wolf Clan share a sort of friendly rivalry. The Two Clans have fought alongside eachother, and against eachother, many times in their history. Even when on the same side, both Clans will try to outdo eachother in Battle.


      The Firefly Clan to the North share a special relationship with the Badger, as they were the one that assisted them in regaining their territory. For this, the Badger have been eternally grateful, and though the Clans have been on separate sides in several conflicts, they treat each other with honor and respect. The Badger, more specifically the Ikeda Family, have a ongoing and less than amicable rivalry with the Artisans of the Kiyamori Family of the Stag Clan. The Two Families make constant accusations of copying eachothers work, and many duels and even small skirmishes have started over it.



      Chosoki Family: The head family of the Badger Clan, the Chosoki family, notable for their excellent Archery Skills and Skirmishers. [+1 Air or Fire, +1 Command, +1 Government]

      Ikeda Family: To outsiders, it would seem that the Ikeda Family runs the clan. A Family of Artisans and Courtiers, the Ikeda Family, like most of Rokugan, conduct diplomacy through Art. [+1 Void or Fire, +1 Theology, +1 Design]

      Soro Family: Descendent from the Ujik Warriors, the Soro Family is an oddity. Officially recognized as Rokugani, this family acts like anything but Rokugani. However their skill in Mounted Combat are a force to be respected. +1 Water or Fire, +1 Riding, +1 Fitness




      Chosoki Skirmishers School (See Attached)

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      Susumu Chusei (CBass)
      Honor: 118
      Glory: 36

      Please enjoy my submission to the contest! (full pdf attached)

      B-Type Android Unit

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      Susumu Chusei (CBass)
      Honor: 42
      Glory: 19


      How do you submit entries?
      We recommend attaching a document and summarizing on the post.

      How do you win?
      Get the most likes!

      What do you win?
      A spotlight feature on the website and a discussion on CourtGames RPG about your school and its implications in a campaign.

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