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    Samurai cutting a watermelon in mid air while blindfolded

    You’ve looked through all the advantages and disadvantages across the CRB and all the sourcebooks, maybe you liked some of them, but they’re just missing an important element that would really speak to your character. Let’s compile a list of our custom advantages and disadvantages here!

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      Susumu Chusei (CBass)
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      Immortality(Earth)[Spiritual, Physical]

      • A great Kami or Fortune expects something of you in this life before you can move on to the kharmic wheel. When you die, you regain consciousness after 24 hours.
      • When making a check for which a long life and a tolerance for pain is a benefit (such as a Fitness(Earth) check to resist a critical strike or a Government(Earth) check to recall a significant event in Rokugani history), you may reroll up to two dice.

      I’m hoping with the implication of long life or even the pain tolerance, another character could choose to invert this advantage to say that this PC is lacking empathy. Or could invert it when the character is speaking with an otherworldly being, to show that the being is aware of the obligation this character has to a Kami, the negative karma they’ve acquired that has now locked them out of the cycle of reincarnation.

      Thank you Keya#9753 for the idea!

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