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    Kakita Kaori

    Fiction #1

    “Your blade is an extension of your self,” her sensei had taught her. “What you can imagine, your weapon can perform. So long as you treat it with the respect it is due, it will keep you safe.”

    “Be mindful of what you say, my child,” her father had warned her. “Those who follow through on their word are given the greatest deal of respect.”

    “Our actions speak loudly to the kami,” the scholar had instructed her. “If you know what reverences they desire, you will find them to be steadfastly loyal to your cause.”

    “Do not ask,” the monk had told her. “Sit and meditate. Only you can answer the question in your heart.”

    But it was from her foe that she found wisdom, amidst the burning wreckage of the battle. People were fickle, volatile, relentless, and stubborn. She could not change his nature with either word or blade. Yet if she embraced that truth, exploited it, she would not have to defeat him. His foolishness would be his own undoing.

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      Kakita Kaori
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      Fiction #2
      ”Is this all the Doji thought to bring to their own castle? This will be easier than I thought.”

      The general eyed her ally, busy pouring over the field reports. His elaborate mask did nothing to shroud his cruel enthusiasm.

      “Do not think they fight alone,” she retorted. “Altansarnai’s Blue Horde may be stationed half a day’s ride from here, but they will be already mobilized, and I am certain they have already sent riders to ambush us should we attack in the open.”

      “Are you suggesting the glorious armies of the Lion cannot strike down a few wayward ponies?”

      Her hand clenched as she resisted ripping the report from his delicate hands. “I am saying that we would be stupid to pick a fight we are not certain we can win.”

      “Sacrifices are sometimes necessary when your goal is ultimate victory.”

      “A feint?”

      He held out the report. One finger brushed over the characters describing their foe’s noble reputation, drawing her eye. “I hear the Matsu don’t take losses well.”

      “You have something up your sleeve, don’t you? Some hidden agent or poisoned arrow.”

      He leaned back on his heels and pointedly did not answer. When he looked back to her, both wore a fierce grin.

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