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    Picture: Onihei, a great anime for Clan Magistrate games.

    Recommend some anime here, what can we watch to get us ready for a Shadowlands game, a Courts game, a Magistrate game, a Ronin game, etc.

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      Susumu Chusei (CBass)
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      Dororo is a great anime, dunno if I could say it’s something I could see pulled of right in an L5R RPG adventure, but it’s pretty neat. Basically a Daimyo struggles to provide for his lands so he sacrifices his newborn son to demons to become THE most powerful Daimyo in his province.

      The catch: Multiple demons took their “share” of this bargain, but one demon was twarted (by Buddha?) and left the baby with a beating heart, lungs, and a physical body. Still living.

      The baby is taken away, believed to be as good as dead at this point. Poor baby doesn’t have skin, or eyes. However, fate intervenes again and a wandering physician finds the baby, raises them, and outfits them with prosthetic limbs. These limbs contain blades! The kid ventures away to find the demons that still hold on to the various parts of his body, reclaiming them one by one until he can face down his father.


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