Teaser: Crimson Gold Agonies Blurb

The River of Gold: a center of trade, piracy and conflict. The lands it touches belong to no single faction, carved into small holdings by a diverse cast of petty tyrants: vassal families, ronin bands and even minor clans. The bounty of the River of Gold, abundant as it is, must be seized by force and kept by the sword. The region has been neglected for centuries, an unworthy investment for Imperial prospects, its issues dealt through local squabbles and the occasional feud. 

That was before a tsunami destroyed the topsoil of the Empire’s basket. Before a catastrophic hail storm devastated Scorpion lands. As the Emerald Lands prepare for famine and economic collapse, all eyes turn towards the River of Gold. 

Control of the river is essential for the survival of entire clans, and maybe the preservation of the Empire as we know it. Amidst the tragedies and agonies surrounding  its shores, there is the chance to achieve something wondrous — and enact horrors and misery on a scale unseen in ages. 

In this series we follow a group of Emerald Magistrates, recently elevated and assigned to this troublesome jurisdiction. We will accompany them as they make the city their home, pursue nefarious plots and enforce the law of the land and the Will of the Scion of Heaven. As seasons turn, rebuilding will give way to war, harvest and intrigue — offering them fresh opportunities to shape the River of Gold and the Empire. 

Will there be an end to these agonies, or shall these golden shores be forever clad in crimson?

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