Prize Choices for February 2020!

LCG won this month’s theme, and this month it’s all about representing your clan and your ~*love*~ for L5R!

A) Clan Wars is out now! the Great Clans of Rokugan are locked tight in conflict and it’s up to you to bring glory and victory to your clan! We can send a copy right over to you if this is your choice so you can dive right into multiplayer battles in your local area.

B) Represent your clan with a playmat from 5MagicRings, whether it shows your stronghold, your champion, or maybe just your favorite card, you’re sure to be showcasing them in high quality style.

C) Hot Topic now has L5R T-Shirts! Not only the classic logo and 5 rings, but also with some beautiful artwork from the Path of Waves book coming out (we know, this is for LCG, but really they look great!)

Thank you for your support and we look forward to announcing a winner 02/29/2020!

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