Planning continues for more Patron rewards

We hope everyone is having a happy weekend, yesterday we had a 3 hour long discussion on the future of CourtGames, rewards for our patrons, and goals to reach once we get to certain levels of support. Very exciting, and we’re happy we get a chance to share some notes from the conversation from our supporters.

First thing we did was decide on our goal for these patron rewards:

Gain more Patreon support so we can afford editing costs, hosting and archiving costs (website), and expand into new projects for the L5R community (Ex. Actual Play). Hopefully by sharing content that’s created by our existing processes, instead of created in addition to the process, this of course making exceptions for taking on tasks that we would absolutely enjoy doing.

We then took the list of rewards from our last post and prioritize them into an Eisenhower Matrix, prioritizing based on Effort and Impact. But we first discussed how we measure these factors.

We measured effort by:

  • Time spent, prep, off air, and editing
  • Monetary cost
  • Collaboration with other creators, guest compensation, planning
  • Personal Enjoyment

Impact was then measured by:

  • Usefulness
  • Broad appeal, entertainment value
  • Exclusive, uniqueness, niche appeal
  • Quality
  • Community interactivity/ Input

This led us to some Low Effort / High Impact items:

  • Patron exclusive polls for the next pod discussion
  • Early release upcoming AP episodes, one week ahead
  • Thank you to new backers on Twitter and podcast
  • Keep frequent communication with Patrons and cg-talk about blogposts and events, etc.
  • Writing a monthly Challenge Focus Strike, NPC, etc.

And some High Effort / High Impact items:

  • Online streamed watch party (movie night)
  • Streamed live discussions (about fictions, podcast episodes)
  • Streaming Jigoku matches with the cast
  • Mailbag Q&A episodes
  • Tourney hype discussions and interviews

We’re excited to announce that we will be working on the following rewards: 

  • Thank you on Twitter and on podcast, 
  • polling patrons on our discussion topics, 
  • challenge/focus/strike, 
  • watch parties and discussions, 
  • streaming jigoku matches, 
  • early releasing Actual Play episodes, 
  • and polling the audience about Actual Play decisions.

We also decided on a few general improvements: 

  • We’ll be utilizing Youtube as another hosting platform for the podcasts. 
  • We’re writing up a marketing strategy to reach out to wider audiences. We want more people playing L5R.
  • We’re working on some CourtGames specific graphics, courtesy of Trevor Cuba.

The last point we wanted to touch on was with the giveaways. We’re no longer able to rely on that as the bread and butter of our relationship with our supporters. Instead, we want to directly engage with our fans, and, do more things that benefit all of our patrons vs just an individual per month. 

Our very next discussion will be on TIER GOALS!

That meaning: “if we do get more support, what will that go towards?”, our intention with future goals is to do more for the community, we look forward to things like: improving the website, bringing in more creators for art and stories, and creating events for the community to participate in. We look forward to getting deep into that conversation in late May or early June. 

Until then, there’s focus on completing the Actual Play interviews and getting that new venture started for CourtGames. More news on that as soon as possible, but we’ve got some awesome applicants who really want to make a difference in the community and to focus on bringing more players into L5R to build this community up. 

Are you happy with where we’re going? Let us know in the comments or on courtgames-talk, we look forward to the feedback. 

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