November 2019 Giveaway Choices

 Alllllrighty folks! Let’s see what the prize choices are for our November giveaway, we’re going to do something special this month to get folks excited for the year-end festivities.

First, from CustomisedGaming
There’s a ton of cards in cycle now, and with a deluxe set focus on multiplayer formats, perhaps you’ll need a big storage crate with nice organization. Can be etched with basic images.

From TheLaserGeek
Say you’ve already got the storage situation covered but you want to have unique accessories for you and your 2v2 buddy. Your choice of two honor dials, plus a set of either elemental rings or fate/honor tokens. 

 And the final choice!
If you have not pre-ordered your set of Clan War, let us do it for you!

Hopefully these choices are exciting for our honored Samurai,  looking forward to drawing names in just a couple of weeks! 


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