New updates for the week!

We’re going to start doing some weekly updates again, now that we have a pretty neat cycle written out for our content publishing!

This week we accomplished a few things! 

We are now starting a few new rewards for samurai: 

  • Voting for RPG topics, 
  • Voting for Streaming topics and an invitation to engage in their stream, (Thank you Tsar), 
  • and recorded Samurai shoutouts on the podcasts. 

We’ve begun work on the upcoming Actual Play: 

  • We interviewed 13 applicants over the weekend and are now working towards a Round 3 interview where our remaining GMs will run a one shot with a group of player applicants to show how well everyone can manage in a live environment.

We also made a few small improvements to the website:

  • Can now review your past content submissions, and you can now EDIT them! woohoo! This did constitute upgrading a plugin which is $8 a month, but it’s totally worth it.
  • We now have a dedicated space for Official FFG fiction in addition to the AEG fiction. Now we can work on archiving them to ensure they’re forever immortalized.

We also implemented changes to the L5R Discord, 

  • Introducing a welcome channel. This will hopefully mean that new members will no longer be in shock when seeing the mass of channels we offer, and will be able to walk through an easy process to curate their experience and elect for what content they would like to expose themselves to.   

We’re excited for these changes, and we have much more coming in the future! Next things we’re looking at this week would likely be:

  •  Making a “Tag Suggestion” button on the website to help others’ posts. (Thank you Kaori for the idea) 
  • Toying with some forms to make custom school submissions and other content easier to post.
  • Begin work on the 5e reference page, which might either a full fledged SRD, or just a glossary of page numbers, we’re not sure yet (legal reasons).
  • Investigate ways to mass import fictions, as we do still have all the resources from KazenoShiro.
  • Completing the interviews for CourtGames AP and posting news on that for our supporters.

Thank you for following along and for showing your love and support! If you have any suggestions for things you’d like to see us work on next, please let us know.

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