My L5R RPG Dropbox

Howdy folks! Here’s my Dropbox, it’s got TONS of RPG resources in it, and Path of Waves stuff is currently in process for being included. I’ll be using this page to post updates to updated resources, but eventually these resources will be translated into pages on this site. Feel free to comment below if you have requests or if you find any bugs.


  • A .pub Blank Character Folio based on the Beginner Box

Craft stuff:

  • Unofficial L5R Style Guide
  • Dice Templates featuring clan symbols and colors

GMing stuff:

  • Unofficial GM screen
  • Face cards
  • Excel NPC creation tool (to Path of Waves)
  • NPC tents and cards
  • Planning templates

Player Aids:

  • Cheat sheets
  • Technique cards (up to Path of Waves)
  • Excel Character Creation Tool (up to Courts of Stone)
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5 thoughts on “My L5R RPG Dropbox”

  1. As of 03/26/2020:

    NPC creator is now up to date with Path of Waves content:
    This includes new demeanors, base templates, and techniques.

    I also revisited the technique cards:
    They are now more uniform in format and look very crisp. I also corrected a great number of errors and typos. These are now perfect for printing.

    Also added higher quality cheat sheets for general, conflicts, honor, opportunities, and invocations. They look more like the style the book uses.

  2. Finally! Updated the character creation tool with Path of Waves content, INCLUDING the new 20 questions for wave characters. Still more updates will need to be included: bonds, list of trinkets, titles. I will want to include all of these soon.

    Even though I do want to keep the tool up to date as new books come out, I know that there is a better application out there. This has always been an exercise for myself to get better at excel, but, now I want to move into javascripting and web app development. I also want to focus on creating an index on this website for everything 5th edition. More on that soon.

  3. Excel Character Creation tool now supports Titles and Bonds!
    Also, included in the folder now are Bond Cards and Title Cards, containing all bonds and titles from the supplement books. Enjoy!

  4. PC Generator received some new functions: “Reset Sheet”, “Import character”, and “Check for Update”

    Reset Sheet will be useful if something breaks within the sheet, like if a formula goes missing, this will repair the entire workbook.

    Import Character will be useful when a new update comes (Try the “Check for Update” button) and you want to move your existing character into the new workbook so that additional game mechanics and additional workbook features will be available.

    Next, I’ll be working on ways for folks to add custom content and to export or import custom content. The allowance for creation is definitely the easy part, I already have a few ideas.

    Thank you for following along!

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