Meet the Characters of Crimson Gold Agonies

Sakai-no-Doji Eiko 

Courtier, Cog in the Imperial Machine, Analyst and Manipulator. 

From birth, Eiko held an unnatural talent in the study and observation of others around him. A fairly quiet child, he did not express himself much, preferring to wait and listen to others. Under the watchful eye of the finest tutors money could buy, Eiko excelled in his studies, holding a particular affinity for government studies and the records of cultural traditions throughout the empire. Both of Eiko’s parents were delighted to discover that their son had a memory like no other; once he spent time with a document, he could recite it nearly word for word at leisure later. With his talents on display Eiko was groomed for a singular purpose: understand others, understand the law and find the weak points to exploit in both. 

Eiko threw himself into his work, surpassing both his peers and senior students. Upon completion of his gempukku, he was quickly picked up by a magistrate of the Bureau of Heavenly Tax. With his ambition and talent for the social dances of court, he quickly climbed the ranks of Imperial Bureaucracy. 

Then the Tsunami hit. Overnight the ancestral lands of the Sakai vassal family were devastated by the wrath of the ocean. Their fame for the farming and refinement of pearls had gained the family considerable prestige and wealth, but all that was washed away by the ravages of the elements. For all these hardships, Eiko maintained his position within the Imperial Bureaucracy, even gaining a position as yoriki under the renowned Emerald Magistrate, Kitsu Shogo. Eiko served Shogo well, assisting the older magistrate in keeping up with the tides and whispers of the courts they visited. Eiko aims to provide the same assistance to his Shogo’s successor, Bayushi Minoru, all the while using the seeking ways to return his family to glory. 

Eiko has spent years cultivating an image of control, precision, and grace and as such wastes no movement.. His pure white hair is always kept neat and straight, flowing down over his shoulders. His clear grey eyes sweep an environment quickly, seeking out points of interest to follow up on before smooth steady strides carry him to his destination. Normally arrayed in the ceremonial attire of court, Eiko is rarely found without the proper clothing and iconography to remind others of his station and influence. 

Soshi Yuzume

Soshi Illusionist (Shugenja/Courtier/Shinobi – give her a hat, she’ll wear it)

On top of everything else she was trained to do, Yuzume is a legal scholar. She was first hired by her previous magistrate, Kitsu Shogo, to assist with a case involving some misbehaving kami, but her keen interest in the academic side of the law made him decide to keep her on permanently as a yoriki. Though she still holds this position, she also acts as an advisor to Shogo’s successor, Bayushi Minoru. 

Not everyone is happy with this appointment, as she has a bit of a reputation for needless cruelty, and those whispers have followed her about for over a decade in spite of her efforts to quietly get on with her work behind the scenes. Still, she’s not opposed to playing the long game, and she sees the assignment to Hirosaka as a chance to take back control of her own narrative. Aside from pursuing mass legal reform that could shake the very foundations of how justice is carried out in the Empire, there are few things that she could consider more important.

She’ll be looking up at you from her wheelchair as though there’s not enough alcohol in the world to deal with whatever nonsense you’re about to saddle her with.

Bayushi Minoru

Bayushi Deathdealer and Emerald Magistrate. (Anxiety Ridden young man) 

Bayushi Minoru is a samurai who is in over his head, even if he doesn’t know it yet. After the death of Kitsu Shogo, he now finds himself the Emerald Magistrate to the city of Hirosaka, tasked with “taming the city” and helping rebuild it from the devastation of the flood. 

Minoru’s lower face is almost always covered, by either his traditional embroidered veil or his mempo carved with an Oni’s face.  Above the veil his eyes tend to reveal whatever feelings he possesses. He is often seen at court making subtle commentary behind a fan, standing oh-so-stylishly in a red and black kimono, appearing to be the stereotypical Bayushi at court. When out in the field, however, he is all business; utilitarian and focused.

Asahina Hajime

Bushi, Kakita Duelist, and Trained Legal Champion (Twelve swords in a trenchcoat)

Hajime is a very young samurai who’s primary passion is the art of the duel (though he also has a weakness for fine food). His role under Bayushi Minoru is that of a trained legal champion, as it was under the previous magistrate, Kitsu Shogo. In truth, he is primarily present to intimidate people – very few want to challenge a duelist trained in the school of the Kakita. 

See these characters in action with our debut episode to be released 06/12/2020! 

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