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    #1 Susumu Chusei (CBass) 50
    #2 Kakita Kaori 44
    #3 Kakita Ren 33
    #4 Momijibot 33
    #5 Kaito Kikaze 31
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    #1 Susumu Chusei (CBass) 172
    #2 Kakita Kaori 72
    #3 Susumu Chusei (CBass) 62
    #4 Kakita Ren 34
    #5 Nate 34
Most Glorious
    #1 Susumu Chusei (CBass) 54
    #2 Kakita Kaori 50
    #3 Kakita Ren 43
    #4 Nate 43
    #5 Kitsuki Daisuke 39

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