Fortune and Strife is the new show from Court Games. A 5th Edition L5R Actual Play podcast for the community, from the community. Join us every week as our samurai travel the Empire trying to find their way through mystery, myth, and family. 

Jeanne as Doji Gen,
Tyler as Akodo Riichi,
Tif as Kuni Yui,
Paul as Shosuro Bisho,
and Robert Fulkerson as your story teller. 

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What type of Actual Play are we?

Our podcast is beginner focused, featuring 5th Edition L5R mechanics, while always keeping the heart of drama and character based narrative at the center and focus. We may be a bit lighter than some of the other grim-dark casts out there.

Meet the Characters

Doji Gen

Doji Gen is a diplomat and erstwhile artist of the Crane Clan. She is a smaller woman with a cute, childlike face and wide eyes that are always alert to the wonder in the world around her.  Her long white hair is dyed like others of her clan, though it sometimes is tied up in a topknot and sometimes falls freely around her.  Her court kimono is decorated with lovely butterflies, though of course, when on the road, her traveling clothes of light blue kimono and brown hakama will do.  She carries a folio with her almost all the time…her great collection of notes and sketches, and her father’s daisho hangs from her obi.

Her apparent naivete, however, conceals an intelligent, probing nature.  Her questions are sharp and probing, and she is wary of simple definitions or blind faith. Her passion and intense study of the workings of the natural world lead her to see levels of complexity, an ecosystem of possibilities and desires through which only honor can serve as a guide.

Kuni Yui

Kuni Yui is a Witch Hunter, trained as a Crab Clan Monk of the Kuni Warden School. A bit taller than the average woman, and definitely more muscular. She wears kabuki-styled makeup of her own design, as is the traditional Witch Hunter way. Her messy, dark hair is wrangled into a high-ponytail. Dressed in a dark blue kimono with the Crab Clan Mon prominently visible and her hands are usually wrapped with cloth, to protect and cover her knuckles. She has a short-handled hammer on her right hip, standing out with its jade inlay. 

Her stance, methods, and way of speaking are always just a bit unusual–even for a Crab; being either a bit more stiff and forced, or a bit too relaxed and casual), some might assume she was not as well trained, but outside of the Crab, most other samurai probably dismiss it as a “Crab thing”.

She takes her duties as seriously as she can, but she truly just wants to relax and freely enjoy all the nice things and luxury that samurai life can offer. She especially enjoys the perks of the Witch Hunter job letting her travel and spend as much time outside of the Crab lands as possible. But of course, though she wants so badly to relax, she’s always on guard, alert and suspicious of the people and world around her.

Akodo Riichi

Akodo Riichi is a medium build Lion samurai with black hair, brown eyes, and a determined ferocity in his eyes.  His ashigaru armor is Lion yellow with a tint of red, the Lion mon emblazoned on the front.  While not in ashigaru armor, he wears a loosely fitting kimono, also done in yellow. His medical supply bag on his right side with a stitched kanji for “doctor” done in a golden thread to show his status of being a medic. His daisho is in a red saya with golden trappings, another Lion Mon near the opening end. His mempo is a brilliant gold lion face with the teeth painted white.  

There’s a small scar along his left eye (not across, but near) going vertical. His hair is done up in a tall topknot. He stands with a very proud look while in public.  However, when he’s with a patient, he adopts a bit more of a compassionate demeanor.  Always within reach is his copy of Leadership that he inherited from his mother.

Shosuro Bisho

Shosuro Bisho presents themselves as androgynous but leans more to the masculine side. Bishō would never admit they have a favorite color but they are attracted to wearing pinks, lavenders, and minty greens. While in normal clothes, they do not wear clan colors and barely wear Scorpion colors at ceremonial events. One of their favorite things to wear as Bishō is a light pink kimono with various flowers on it that are blues, purples, and yellows with a hakama that is a mint green. Most of their face is covered by a fox mask that covers the upper part of their face but still shows their expressive eyes and lips.

They have a youthful and attractive face with a serene expression but their lips curl into a smile especially when they are about to start mischief. Sometimes their lips curl into a smirk even when mischievous events aren’t about to happen. Their right eye is a light blue while their left eye is a stunning jade green. They have a slender build and are a little taller than an average woman but slightly shorter than the average man. They have long, silky black hair which they can either wear up with many decorative baubles or wear down wild and free or anywhere in between depending on their mood.

Bishō has a background in being a dancer, actor, and entertainer and this gets incorporated into their everyday movements and stances. When traveling around they have their wagasa (oil-paper umbrella) in their hand and twirl it around on their shoulder as if getting caught in a constant dance. They tend to be in motion constantly. Their wagasa has a base color of black but has purple saffron and pink tuberose flowers delicately painted on the top.

They also have a daisho with matching sheaths that are black lacquered with golden begonia and rhododendron etched into it which have little fox figures hidden in them.

They are proud of their Shamisen and will often play when they have time or when they deem it appropriate. The drum of the shamisen is covered with a tough snake skin, though the maker claimed the skin came from an uwabami. The sides of the drum have inlaid patterns of Dendrobium and Narcissus flowers made from black pine and rosewood. The neck of the shamisen is made of black pine.

Bishō uses their fan constantly to help them communicate, fan themselves, or keep the stench of others away from them. The fan depicts a wonderful garden which has blooming foxglove, carnations, and camellia in the foreground and several bright torii gates in the background.

Suzume Ryuji

Suzume Ryuji is a short yet solidly built young man of about 20. He is a samurai of the Sparrow Clan and wears their clan colors of brown, red, and black proudly… if a bit shabbily. His kimono and hakama should be slightly dirty and worn, maybe with a tear here or there to them. He wears his hair long in a low ponytail and with the hair on top falling over the sides of his face over a headband. Ryuji is a guy with a firm square jaw and eyes that can beam with sunshine or burn with the intensity of funeral pyres depending what mood you catch him in. 

In a defensive pose wielding his yoriki jitte in one hand, while protectively cradling his newborn daughter, Mariko, in the other. Mariko is swaddled in a combination of Suzume colors and Phoenix colors, so predominantly reds with some rich browns as well. The cloth she is swaddled in is probably the finest cloth he has. The defining feature of Mariko at this young age is that she has shockingly white hair naturally, holding a yam with a little doll’s smiley face. 


Sueno, companion to Doji Gen, standing in a side stance, looking away from Gen, as if she is guarding Gen’s back.  She is a little taller than Gen, with short cropped black hair, a really dark navy, but worn, kimono with light gray underkimono, and worn black hakama. Her kimono has a worn crane mon.  Her obi is also black.  Her black hair is cropped into a plain cut just below the shoulders.  She has a black eyepatch over one eye and her visible eye is dark brown. She does not have a katana, but carries a shukihachi flute in her hands and two knives on her obi.  She does have a pair of sparkling blue earrings that are just visible in her hair under her broad brimmed, worn straw hat. A couple of rough corded bracelets drape her wrists.

Meet the Cast

Jeanne - Doji Gen

“I’m delighted at the prospect of playing with a group of players that is so proactive, thoughtful, eager, and knowledgeable about the world!  
I feel like I can both lead and follow the action as feels right for my character, which is a change because I often feel I need to lead the table. Everyone is wonderfully sweet and understanding, and its so exciting just to listen to them RP, let alone how nice they are to talk to out of character. ” 

Paul - Shosuro Bisho

I enjoy that the other players are creative and willing to work with each other. I am happy everyone is willing to open a dialogue about their characters, characters’ shared pasts, and even non-game related stuff. It is nice to have a group that is willing to communicate with each other as easily as they play with each other. It also makes me glad that we are trying to not only build up a fun group of characters but a supportive cast of players.

I also enjoy the rich world that the other players are incorporating into their characters. Great backstories with lots of depth. The other players also are great at role playing and I look forward to having more interactions with their PCs.” 

Tif - Kuni Yui

“It’s so incredibly rare to gel this easily and quickly with a group of complete strangers! The positive, silly and fun atmosphere erodes the nerves and anxiety of the logistics, session planning, and playing. The OOG text-convos that happen on the side and in between sessions is phenomenal, too. Everyone is so into the lore and rp, I love constantly learning more! I already feel like these folks have my back–in and out of game.”

Tyler - Akodo Riichi

“We all seem to get along pretty well and easily!  Within the first meeting of each other, we laid out what we were expecting and it was pretty much in alignment with each other.  We keep things engaged and moving along, and it’s a great refreshing feeling to have such fantastic players at the table.  And the pure amount of setting knowledge is staggering, and I’m so excited to explore the areas of Rokugan that I’m not familiar with!” 

Robert - Host and Narrator

“What I love most about my players is how well we work as a group so far. Everyone is willing to let the others speak and have their turns, we don’t talk over each other much and when some players are having a scene the others are live commenting about it in the group chat as well as setting up future scenes with the other players so that when one scene ends, another can begin. There is a lot of trust and support built up in such a short amount of time with these relative strangers, and that is something special. “

Bren - Editor at Large

Not only does Bren edit for F&S, he also does editing on Splinters of Jade. We appreciate the long hours put into this project.

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