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  • Celestial Realms Review

    Thank you for Listening! Timestamps 1:00 What are the spirit realms? 5:30 The Fortunes and cults in Rokugan. 8:30 The […]


  • Memory Lane

    Thank you for Listening! CourtGames is a fan project and is not an official affiliate of Fantasy Flight Games. Legend […]

  • Episode 177: Talking to Myself

    This week its just Shey...............sorry. If you like the cast be sure to give us a review on the podcast platform […]


      • F&S Ep.16 "Shifting Fortunes"

        Thank you for Listening! Follow the Cast: Robert, the GM @Fulkerguy on Twitter, and Fulkerguy#6833 on Discord Jeanne, […]

      • 7: Maemikake I

        Thank you for Listening! Follow the Cast: Ludo @Delethiel, check out Heroes of the Republic Evan, Sakai-no-Doji […]

      • Foxes and Bandits 3

        Our magistrates find the bandits, but there is only four of them. Are the rest of them hiding or are the 4 of them […]

      • Say Something Dramatic

        In this episode of Secondhand Strife. the group finds out the truth about Takara and his strange behavior. It's tea […]

      • Episode 13: Birthright and Wrong

        Birthright and Wrong by Jason Flowers A merchant's son requests help to save his family, but is everything as simple as […]