L5R Podcasts


  • Episode 59 - Thunder and Fire

    Today we discuss two fictions, both of which involve the Mantis clan, go into a brief discussion into the two clan […]


  • Memory Lane

    Thank you for Listening! CourtGames is a fan project and is not an official affiliate of Fantasy Flight Games. Legend […]

  • Episode 63 - Show Me Your Dogs

    In which we discuss Skirmish play, As Honor Demands, and how we're handling being at home.  You may like us or […]



    • Summer Time with the Dead

      In which Yogo makes a new friend, Kuni imagines he had a testubo (a paper work error,) and we all take baths. We are a […]

    • Ep. 7: Into the Void (Finale)

      Togashi Yoshi, Soshi no Burezu, Kaiu Tomo, Hida Nagahide, Hiruma Yuto, and Kaiu Daisoto stood face to face against the […]