L5R 5e Style guide


Good day too all the L5R content creators out there!

What I have for you is an unofficial styleguide meant to emulate the style of the 5th ed CRB. This 10 page writeup will walk you through how to make guide inserts, sidebars, the different header effects, charts, templates, iconography, typography, and colors.

Use this guide if you wanted to write an adventure, a setting guide, a book of NPCs, (or if you want to trick your GM into thinking they overlooked an important rule in the book)!

To access the .pub file Click Here, to access the PDF Click Here

Use this guide responsibly! A lot of hard work from many artists went into creating the CRB and the style  that represents the L5R IP . Do not use the icons and graphics shown in this guide for any products you intend to resell without expressed consent from FFG.

In the comments below, let me know if you’d like me to include any other of the page parts that you’ve seen in the CRB, Adventures, or Sourcebooks. What do you plan to use the styleguide for? Are the instructions easy enough to follow? Did I get something completely wrong? Let me know, I’d love to see your feedback.


Happy creating!


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