Holiday-end update!


Sup everyone! I wanted to give an update on my week so far. We’re still gaining speed from the holidays, so this message might be a bit shorter than usual.  

Podcasting Auditions Continue

The first round of auditions were complete before the holidays, but unfortunately not enough people applied for me to feel comfortable with making the decision for hosts. I have submitted a more public advertisement in the server’s announcement channel and have received a few more applicants since then. The next place I thought to post an advertisement is in the subreddit, but that is something I’m hesitant for. I would like to keep the opportunity held special for our immediate community.   Even with that being said, the talent I’ve interviewed so far are absolutely terrific and hopefully we can start making announcements soon for who will officially be on the cast as cohosts.  

FFG Legal

This past week I sent an email to FFGs PR/Press team asking about their copyright policies concerning our future plans.   I have asked if using the Imperial Mon image in the podcast logo is allowed.  I also asked if doing dramatic readings of official story content is allowed, even if our podcast may one day include advertisement for other entities. (like who? idk. Just thinking of possibilities)  For the website, I asked to confirm if any card art may be used as cover art or page art for the adventures the community would submit. I also asked if there’s any disclaimers the content creators should add to their document prior to publication. Additionally, I asked about the possibility of content creators selling their adventures and supplements and what would change from a legal standpoint.

Speaking of website

For the website, I’m still in the design process. I’m looking for other websites that offer similar function for what I’m hoping for and would appreciate if anyone had a site I could look up.   

The website will have the following:
>A card database for CCG and LCG, and I would love to include a “pull a random card for story inspiration” function for GMs.
>A lore database for AEG lore, brought to you by Kaze no Shiro
>A member login for content creators
Content creators will have access to either a template or a suite of building blocks for their document to make it look like it could belong in an FFG book.
> Anonymous visitors and other registered members can comment on the work of a creator, give it a favorite, give it a like or dislike, and sign up for notifications from the creator when they post a publication or if the work receives an update.  
>Many links will also be available for other L5R related websites.  

Have any ideas for other functions to include? Let me know!

Speaking of content

Some have asked if I will be updating the character sheet excel with the emerald empire content. Yes! I absolutely will, but I want to wait for the PDF as it would be soooo much easier to copy and paste, and the PDF can update with errata at anytime, a physical book cannot.  

I also plan to release another campaign starter soon! Some may have seen my 4e Spider campaign starter (which has been updated recently), it included things like:  

>The six truths of this campaign
>Fronts, a dungeon world term that I quite appreciate, that include the Kuni, the Kuroiban, the Kolat, and the Legacy of Darkness.  
>A Start Position, detailing the opening of such a campaign, 8 potential scenes, 10 secrets and clues to discover, 7 locations, and a few NPCs.
>An appendix with Session 0 notes and a technique I like to call “The Question”  

In the new campaign starter, it will be 5e focused and will feature many of the above categories, with completely new fronts, scenes, locations, and titles! The adventure is also another Solo-clan campaign. More on that upon release.   

For now, the next three things on my list to tackle are:
>Elevate a Lion member to Magistrate and post a new job for Dragon Magistrate.
>Interview podcast applicants and begin the group interview process by the end of January.
>update the patreon site with more member benefits.

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