Happy September, folks!

Q3 comes to a close and we are moving at full power power!

The website is aimed to be opened at the end of the month, still to be improved with features as time goes on in an effort to become the quintessential resource for all fans of L5R.   

We’re also working close with the Discord League, we want to lend some domain space to them and their twitch streams, creating pages for signup and events. Should be a great help in the coming League seasons. If you have a wish-list for what you’d like to see for the Discord League side of the website, let us know!  

With regards to the podcast, we’re looking towards expansion. We’re at 6k listens since our start 6 months ago, and about 300 subscribers. Our initial next goal would have been to do dramatic readings (something we’re still very interested in), but instead we’ve placed Actual Play ahead of that goal.   

The actual tier goal is quite a distance away, but to be honest that’s more for putting videos out there, we could realistically get another podcast out there under the brand of CourtGames and have it feature an Actual Play group.     

Be on the look out for a poll, we’re going to be teasing out some ideas and would love to hear about your thoughts and feelings regarding our next steps!

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