Guess what? Courtgames now has a website!

Check us out online at  

The goal of the website is to be a home for “All Things Rokugan”, for all the fans of L5R to discover more of what they love, and to serve as a platform for all the creative members of the community to publish their resources, thoughts, and stories in a centralized place.  

 – CourtGames features all of our podcast content, which will be expanding in the 2020 year.  

– It will also serve as an archive for all the AEG fiction,  

– It will serve as a home for fan fiction from KazenoShiro and fan fiction submitted by those in our community,  

– It will serve as a one-stop shop for links to the most popular L5R related communities, blogs, and podcasts out there. 

– It also hosts its own forum, which will be objective-focused. Meaning it will hopefully be geared more towards solving particular issues, creating content together, or expanding on rules or the like from our favorite game within the L5R IP. 

– CourtGames also has a point system for Honor, Glory, and Status, to represent how engaging or supportive members of the community are.   

This website will be continuously improved, CourtGames will also start blogging on this website when we can (including transcription of our podcast episodes), and fiction content will be imported weekly until it’s all safe and sound.   

Thank you to our patrons who have stuck around with us throughout an entire year, without you this would not have been possible! We really mean that! 

Now please break our website, (and add me as a friend), thank you. 

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