GOALS are revamped!

Good evening honored Samurai, 

I noticed we still had a lot of completed goals sitting on the page so I got rid of them and began thinking about how far we’ve come as a project:

So far we have a podcast that’s released weekly, alternating between RPG and LCG, currently over 3.5k listens, and hovering close to 300 subscribers.

We have a website right around the corner to be released in Q3, opening up a nexus to connect the community and to create a ground for content creators to share their work (and potentially get paid for it too.)

We’re budding on a new bot being created for the Discord server to further immerse our members into the world of Rokugan.

And if you’ve been keeping your eyes peeled in the Patrons-only chat, we are working hard at possibly endorsing a Grand Championship for the LCG.

What’s the natural next step for CourtGames and the L5R discord?

The goals we had before did not really match up with the trajectory of our success so far.

Instead, we have a few new goals in mind:

1) doubling the current earnings means doubling our content: our cast often says they wish they could release more often, and we want to give them that ability.

So far costs go to monthly giveaways, pinecast for our monthly hosting, editing, and auphonic for mastering our audio once the editing is completed.

2) Bringing CourtGames to Youtube in an Actual Play series.

There are actually very few APs for L5R out there, and it’s very hard to find GMs showing the best practices in action for L5R and running the official product 100% as intended by FFG. We really want to provide that. In addition, I’m sure many would appreciate the NPCs and Campaign notes the GM would share afterwards.

From there, the CourtGames AP team will surely take on their own life, encouraging audience participation, sponsoring charities, and hosting Q&As.

3) More winners during the giveaways. We want more than one winner each month. It can feel like an eternity waiting for “your turn” to win. Let’s get to more people faster.

4) Dramatic readings, we have a number inn mind now. At this level we figure we can afford compensation costs to the writer, the voices, and editor, as well as the licenses needed for sound effects and music. Of course, this is at a modest quality which will improve with more support.

5) Support enough for us to consider visiting conventions for Q&A. At the proposed level, we will do our best to meet and greet with the fans at any opportunity available. Of course, it would cost a bunch for the full cast, but at least a member or two can head out and get a room for a nominal amount at this support level.

Of course! We are not abandoning progress on the website, the bot, or any RPG resources with the changes we’re making to the goals, those are 100% in production and will continue to improve as we maintain support for this patreon. News will be shared on their progress as they develop, but they are “evergreen” projects that do not need their own tier goal.

We hope these new goals are more anticipated by the community, and we are always looking for ways to give back to our patrons. Whether that be through bonus content, getting community members involved, or something else.

If anyone has a wish for the CourtGames team, let it be known.

Thank you for your support, we’re absolutely amazed at the passion this community offers and we look forward to the future.

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