Fan Fictions

“Yu” by Matt Dalen

Dedications: Thanks to the Ricepaper Group, especially Daidoji Gisei-san and Moto Maratai-san, without whom it would have been a much worse story. The tiny piece

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The Hunt I: Secrets

The Hunt I: Secrets By Anon Author The small room was dark except for a small circle of candles illuminating a low table, neatly stacked

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Male Ronin standing next to a horse and a river with his katana drawn in his right hand and pointed downward. The ronin also has multiple katana sheathed on his back and has a cup of water in his left hand

The Legend of Kujaku

The Legend of Kujaku By Anon Author “Hojo! Hojo!” The heimin straightened and turned towards the excited voices with a look of annoyance. Two men

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