Excel-based NPC creator!

Howdy GMs of L5R 5th Edition, I’ve got a really great tool to share with you today!

This is an NPC builder in Microsoft Excel,  you begin at a “Start” screen that allows you to start with a type in mind, also there’s a weapon and armor selector available if you need it.

After selecting a type, it brings you to a new screen where you get to name your NPC, choose whether it’s a custom NPC or if you’ll be making a modified version of a published NPC from one of the 5e books (published NPCs are not included yet, but will be soon). From there you fill out the question and…

On another page it starts to fill out these templates that resemble the stat blocks you see in the official books. You can make last minute adjustments, or either to make these NPCs more unique, or maybe to change them after they’ve been used in an adventure. Changing the NPCs from this screen will automatically recalculate the conflict ranks based on this math.


Hopefully this tool helps make conflict planning easier between sessions! Submit your creations to the NPC Archives here to help other GMs find NPCs to include in their L5R games.

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