Early access to the CourtGames website!

Gooooooood evening folks!
This is a private invitation to our patrons!  

Check out the official https://courtgamespod.com/ website!   

Any and all feedback and suggestions are welcome to this feedback link,
I’ll be checking the link once a day this week while I iron out some last minute things: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/36B88DW

Features on the website currently 

The ability to access the forum, private groups, and to earn honor, glory, and status points. 

The ability to set up your profile, add social media tags, and avatar/cover photo 

The ability to post your own content, as blogs, rpg adventures, and rpg resources. 

The ability to request us to add your communities, podcasts, blogs, and vlogs 

Things I know need to be ironed out 

This site is absolutely not optimized for mobile. My plan is to have that fixed by the end of the week. 

Not all of the sorting buttons work. I’m still working on what method I’d like to sort the popular posts by. I’m thinking by view, by comments, and by ratings; However, each of those metrics are weighed by different plugins.

There is very minimal amount of content currently. However, posting content will surely grant you honor, glory, and status! Although, big advice if you are planning on submitting content: save your work to a word doc or note before hitting submit on the website. I’ve seen where the tool doesn’t accept an image attached and it refreshes the page, deleting everything.  

Thank you everyone for your patience through the past year working on this project, I’m looking forward to working together and making this the best source for L5R on the whole wide web! 

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