5e Custom Clan Dice Templates

For the crafty players and GMs of L5R~

Here is a folder with custom clan dice templates, either with Clan mons being the explosions or not.

I printed the dice templates onto sticker paper. You can stick them onto blank or numbered dice, the color of the die doesn’t matter a ton because the template should cover it completely but I recommend die that use your clan’s colors, black and white dice, or at least muted colors. Some super vibrant dice colors show though the paper.

I also recommend printing on regular paper a couple of times as test runs to get the size right, you’d be surprised how much of a difference round edged dice vs hard edged dice make. I covered them with modge podge and then I seal them with clear acrylic paint.

Hope this helps! I did find that clear acrylic takes a few days to dry enough for the dice to be put in a dice bag together without sticking to each other and ruining your hard work, please keep this in mind. The glue/acrylic is mainly just to add durability to your dice and are not exactly necessary.

Let me know how your dice turn out!

If there’s any questions, if you need more explanation, comment below!


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