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Good day everyone! Now that we’ve got the website in a solid place and we’ve got almost all the preparations out of the way for the upcoming Actual Play series, we can start affording some time to blogging!

Most successful content creators have what they call a “content cycle”. Often times this means republishing content from one format to another, i.e. from written blog to Youtube video, then to Podcast audio. Each iteration reaching a broader audience and each iteration having just a bit more to say than the last because of community interactions and questions. We’re looking forward to starting a cycle of our own soon enough, by posting questions to the community about what they would like to see, writing up notes on the discussion to post here on the site, then doing a full discussion on the podcast. All in due time though, some of us do have blogging experience but do also have our own blogs and responsibilities to keep up with outside of CourtGames.

In the meantime, we do have a new idea for a segment to kick off the blog. We want to hear stories from the community, hopefully posting our thoughts on these stories at least once a month. These stories can be RPG related, LCG related, a story about your community experiences on Discord, whatever! Then from the stories we choose, we’ll feature it on the website and we’ll include comments from the cast, perhaps sharing some advice or sharing some experiences of ours that might relate to your own. It should be neat, let’s give it a try!

If you wish to submit a story of your own, please send an email to You can include your name or your Discord handle, but you can also keep yourself anonymous too. We would like to urge folks to submit positive and uplifting experiences, reasons why you got into L5R or some shoutouts to the community, just since due to the ongoing global situation, but if you also have some fun cautionary tales then we could be into that too.

Thank you everyone for your support and for following along. Have a great day!

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