Congratulations to Wabajck, First of Samurai!

For the December 2019 Giveaway, Wabajck won a premium crate from Japancrate, filled with sweets and snacks meant to commemorate the new year.

The “First of Samurai” is not just any nickname, it’s actually a title: Wabajck was the first supporter of the CourtGames patreon. You can catch them on discord chatting in #general, #off-topic, and *gasp* #kolat-and-friends.

This is actually their second time winning one of our giveaways, and we’re very glad to have them here. Oh, and they’re also a part of a podcast:  Gates of Orchid and Iris, which is an LGBTQ+ friendly pod featuring two concurrent stories, with their own unique characters, set in the cities and countrysides of the Ryoko Province. <– Check them out!

Thank you again to everyone who continues to support us, we want to do a spotlight of our monthly winners each month going forward! It’s the least we can do. We also look forward to some (new) news soon regarding the upcoming (past a couple of dates) website! 

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