CGA Teaser: Q&A

 What are you most looking forward to with this campaign? 

Charlie: Ludo tells terrifyingly good stories, so getting to be in one of those is going to be a *treat*. I’ve known them for a while and I know that there aren’t going to be any pulled punches when it comes to exploring aspects of the setting that aren’t strictly sunshine and rainbows, and that really appeals to me. I’m also excited about the seasonal/pendragon style we’re going for. There are going to be fairly huge leaps forward in time over the course of the campaign and so we’re going to see how events affect our characters and surroundings in the long term. It’ll be interesting to see how they grow and change, particularly because some of it may have to be inferred or shown off-air in other mediums. Or left to the audience’s imagination! I hope no one thinks that’s lazy of me >.>

Evan: I cannot wait to see character relationships within the party grow and develop over time and effort spent together. From discussing our characters in discord and to creating homebrewed memes for our first session, we as players (and I include the Gm when I refer to players) are already delighted to work on this project together and that clearly is carrying over into the actual story and characters. It’s gonna be a delight to watch unfold.

Brad: I am most interested in seeing how the characters interact, and mesh and clash with each other, I think that one of the standout things about Legend of The Five Rings is that it is such a character focused system and setting, that we can really show how these characters are interacting and changing from both the macro-events of the setting and campaign, and the micro-events from individual scenes. 

Ludo: We have an amazing cast with great chemistry, each bringing an array of ties into the setting. I have before me a framework of the next arc; the actors, the factions and a growing list of questions. I have only the fleeting idea of the outcome should the players not interfere, and that will change immediately after the first scene. I am looking forward to them adding new elements, flip the story and make it their own. We gonna have a powerful first arc. 

Sam: Honestly, I’m probably most excited for seeing how complicated the dynamics get between our characters. In character creation we all established pretty strong personalities with a wide range of attitudes, so I’m really looking forward to see how those tensions stretch and pay off. But I’m equally excited about playing in Ludo’s Rokugan – they have an exceptional grasp of the minutiae of how Rokugan actually functions, and I think that’s going to be really interesting to explore. What can I say, I’m a sucker for detailed worldbuilding.

What do you enjoy most about the other players? 

Charlie: It took us 200 minutes of conversation until we found something we disagreed on. Even then, I don’t remember what that thing was, because we either found middle ground or it was some kinda nonsense. It sounds silly, but knowing you’re talking to people on the same kind of wavelength as you for storytelling really makes it easier to come forward with ideas and feel comfortable playing a character who is, uh, less than smiley and polite. Everyone is also really enthusiastic about the project on Discord, and even before we got the green light we were talking about how we might keep the project alive somehow in the event that we didn’t. It’s rare to get a group like that, especially one that was predominantly made up of strangers two weeks prior!

Evan: Everyone involved is so committed to bringing realistic, grounded characters into a believable fantasy world that it just blows my mind. Honestly I have never seen such committed roleplay and detail from GM and players and it’s a delight to behold. There is a real professionalism handling screen time and everyone is ready and willing to step back or jump in to help each other tell an awesome story. 

Brad: I love how our group is willing to discuss concepts between games., we are so able to bounce ideas off of each other, and discuss how this might cause us to work and interact. It lets us ping-pong everything from “Hey, I want to take haunted but am unsure for who it should be” to “I get a free kata, what Kata should I take.” and trust the others opinions. 

Ludo: Players are very receptive to react to impressions and questions, taking initiative and never once playing a reactive role. They are eager to introduce new elements to the story, and more impressive, to pass the torch and make another character shine. Any player familiar enough with the current rules of L5R knows the importance of inner conflict and its extrapolation; it takes some amazing storytellers to know how to interweave that mess with other players. I have nothing but admiration for how easy it comes to them. 

Sam: As everyone else mentioned, we already work really well together and started getting along really well almost instantly. And like Evan said, everyone has a really developed and dynamic character whose decisions they take seriously as roleplayers, which is more fun than I make it sound by phrasing it like that. But they’re also just really fun people – when we’re not actively making decisions about our characters and the story, I’m laughing constantly at all the dumb jokes we make. Charlie in particular has a knack for crafting beautiful charts that help us better understand our characters’  interpersonal dynamics (they’re memes).

What are you most excited for to bring to the table?

Charlie: A wine aunt. Uh, I mean, a nuanced take on disability, asexuality, and learning healthier coping mechanisms (hopefully). FFG making Gay Rokugan canon was the best day ever, and their more inclusive stance makes for a much safer environment to explore those kinds of topics. So maybe I see this as an opportunity to say ‘ramps just exist and it’s fine’ or ‘you’re ace? Cool, you can get married to another asexual person and you can adopt, if you want’. I want people who don’t feel seen, or who face problems in the RP community trying to play those aspects of themselves, to have a solid example to point to if and when someone tries to tell them ‘no’ – or worse, tries to punish them for their character in some way.

Evan: Playing Sakai-no-Doji Eiko is a real delight for me purley because he is so different from who I am in the real world. He’s collected, calculating, striving to keep himself one step ahead of everyone else. Playing someone that is so detached and analytical is going to be really fun to dive into. Plus I mean my school ability lets me dump extra strife on people and you know I’m gonna have a blast with that!

Brad: Playing Minoru is going to be a lot of fun, because its something a little different from the stereotypical “Mustache-Twirling Scorpion”, its a character who is torn between who he is and who he wants to be, and I think that between that, and his primed interactions with my fellow crewmates, and Ludo’s fantastic storytelling, I cannot wait for further episodes. 

Ludo: I have an extensive cast of characters that I hope will make the rebuilt city feel alive, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. My quiver is full of poignant questions and interesting dilemmas; I cannot wait to see how players will answer those, and the fractal of choice and change they will bring to the game. The Emerald Land is a place of wonder and horror, most of it a fruit of the very system that empowers the player characters; can’t wait to see them fighting the awfulness while finding beauty. 

Sam: I rarely play characters that are martial-focused in any RPG, so that’s something I’m really looking forward to trying. Hajime is also more bombastic and impulsive than I was able to make obvious in our pilot, and I’m looking forward to playing someone who is bigger and more expressive – my characters tend to be more irascible or goofy, but Hajime’s mostly just an excitable younger man with big ideals, and that’s new to me. Hajime’s backstory is also reflective of some of the challenges that learning new things can present to those with ADHD, which is something very personal for me, so I’m happy to get the chance to explore it. 

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