Announcing: CourtGames AP

Good day to our CourtGames fans! It’s been a while of anticipation leading to this upcoming AP. We’ve been teasing about it for months by asking questions on Twitter, Reddit, and here on Discord. 

We’ve decided who we will move forward with, out of 35 applicants in round 1, 15 interviews in round 2, and 2 teams playing head to head in their own one-shot “pilot”. 

We’re happy to announce that we’ve really enjoyed the chemistry, the playstyles, and the focuses presented by BOTH groups. Meaning we’ll have two ongoing APs! I had been planning for the potential of having two groups, something that was highly requested by our fans, fortunately with the help of Brendon (@Coppercredit), producer of the Splinters of Jade podcast, we’re able to make it happen! 

Although we are not meeting the initial idea: “having two groups from two different places in the world”. Instead we are meeting a goal that is important still: “presenting two groups with two entirely different perspectives on L5R from both a mechanical and narrative standpoint”. 

Here are some introductions of the GMs and players:

Ludo (@Delethiel) is one of our GMs, you might know them for being co-manager of the City of Rememberance Fanzine which focused on inclusivity, graphic art, prose, and game design concepts. You might also know them for their voice on Gates of Orchid and Iris.

We were surprised and delighted to see them throw their hat in the ring, their interview answers highlighted their community focus to include audience participation, the extent of their AP experience, their focus on safety at the table, and their enthusiasm at taking risks within the narrative. Their GM style takes inspiration from PbtA games, this meaning that there is a focus on collaborative narration between players and GM as well as an exceptional ability to keep close to the action with the start of each new scene.

Robert (@Fulkerguy) is someone we’ve been looking forward to bringing into CourtGames for quite some time now, as we had Robert go through all three stages of the interview process many highlights were discovered. You may know them from the L5R vlog L5RChives.

Robert is very active on the discord, always happy to help others with their questions and concerns. Robert also has lots of experience with hosting convention games and LARPs, playing L5R with folks from all over the nation. They are also an acedemic in Japanese culture, so while they like to have fun in the narrative, respect for the cultures that inspired the creation of L5R is just as important. Their take appears to be the more classic experience to the 5th Edition of L5R, as they hope to provide a great example of play to new fans of the series.

On team Ludo we have the following players:

Sam (@LiveFromMyBasement)
Interested in focusing on the cultures and setting represented in L5R, they are intent on remaining culturally sensitive. They are role playing focused and are community focused.

Brad (@bzaj#1648)
A fan of the mechanics pushing the narrative (reminiscent of PbtA), focused on safety at the table, and they are character-focused and player-engagement focused. 

Evan (@PushyMushy)
You might know them from the AP Secondhand Strife, their focus is on “playing, with intention”, they are collaboration focused and a bit of a lore master as well. 

Charlie (@bowzerj)
You might know them from their blog focused on inclusivity and disability in TTRPGs, their work included in the City of Remembrance Fanzine. They have also lent their voice to the awesome AP Drama, Shadows in the West.

On team Robert we have the following players:

Jeanne (@KakitaKaori)
You know them from the CourtGames RPG podcast where they flex their lore muscles and thoughtful 5th edition discussions. Very active in the Discord, they are always happy to help others and share their online resources. Their focus is in making characters feel real, to step away from rigid assumptions in L5R.

Paul (@Paul of GOIL5R)
You may know them as the GM of GOIL5R, an AP focused on inclusivity. Their focus is on respecting the cultures that inspire L5R, and to focus on welcoming new players and fans of L5R into the community from all over the TTRPG space. 

Tif (@Phantasmagoricat)
They are very familiar with the safety precautions needed for LARPing and are keen on bringing them to the table. They are also focused on playing with intention and mindfulness. We also look forward to them flexing their roleplaying skills and collaborating with the other players. They’re also a fan of CourtGames. :heart: 

Tyler (@Shiba Rohiteki)
They are very active in the discord and always happy to share their experiences and help others with their questions and feedback. They are a bit of a lore master, they have great humor, and they are exited to push the mechanics of 5e.

Look forward to more news for the upcoming AP, we hope everyone is both surprised and delighted at who will be involved in these ongoing podcasts. In the future, CourtGames looks forward to providing even more perspectives in the future, with one-shots including new GMs, new players, and guests from other podcasts that we’re fans of. 

We should expect episode 1 to drop next week by 06/12/20, with an early access episode to be released to our ($1+) supporters, and exclusive session 0 content available to our Samurai ($5+) supporters. We will also be creating a role for CourtGames fans so that they can have access to channels dedicated to spoiler and non-spoiler discussions as we move forward into some fantastic stories.

Thank you to all our fans and especially our supporters, we absolutely could never have done this without all your love. :bowed: :twohearts:

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