Quarantine Lockdown And CourtGames

“Spreading the Darkness”
Illustration by Lin Hsiang

With what seems like the entire globe in quarantine during the covid pandemic, we wanted to write up an article to give a state of affairs for CourtGames.

I went to our hosts and asked: what’s their situation generally, and what are some ways that they continue to socialize and play L5R during quarantine?

First, a word to our patrons as well, it’s expected there will be delays with our monthly giveaways. They will be shipped out asap by either myself or by whatever partner we are working with at the time, but we’ll still be picking winners as usual during the second week of each month. Thank you for your understanding during these tenuous times.

Tsar Agus

I’m ok for now. I still have to go in to my office, but hey good news the drive from Orange County to Beverly Hills is MUCH faster now
I’ve been playing the LCG on Jigoku and the RPG on Roll20! (Could someone recommend a good character sheet for Roll20 btw?)

Trevor Cuba

I am doing so well right now I feel kinda bad about it. I’m on paid time off right now and am using the the time to catch up on projects.
Jigoku is still the best for LCG practice, but Table Top Simulator works as well and can be used to try out the new skirmish format

Editor’s note: BushiBuilder just added the ability to export decks as a TTS file, complete with assets and automation!
Thank you to our buddy Finbarr for the headsup!

Kitsuki Korvar

I’ve been long-term sick for years now; my lifestyle is basically unchanged, other than being inconvenienced by people panic-buying.
We’ve moved our L5R monthly game to Discord for now, there’s dice roller bots out there to make it easy.

Kakita Kaori

I’ve been working from home since my husband’s job forced us to move away from where my office was a few years ago. So work is as busy as ever (even busier than usual for reasons), plus I’m now trying to homeschool 3 kids and keep the place intact with everyone here all the time. So I’m really super busy all the time these days.

I don’t have much time or braincells left at the end of the day for L5R but I’m kind of trying to keep my play-by-post Kakita Academy game rolling on Discord and participating in my other game when it runs.

Editor’s note: for finding your own play-by-post games, we recommend Fan and Sword Theater, which has multiple concurrent PbP games. We also recommend searching the pins in our discord’s Looking for Group RPG channel or our very own CourtGames LFG Forum as someone is always looking to host a game online.

Hopefully everyone is staying safe and healthy, we know that everyone is experiencing this crisis differently and with that come unique struggles and difficulties. Hopefully the L5R community can share some joy and comradery to take our minds off of things day by day.

Call to Action

Hit us in the comments: What are some ways you’re keeping social during quarantine, and, more importantly, how are you getting in some L5R time online?

In the meantime, crave listening to some L5R discussion and gameplay? Check out these podcasts., most all of them update weekly and there’s basically enough to equal one podcast per day, a whole week of L5R every week!

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